Starting from Athens

The first option is the popular Alimos marina in Athens. The main reason for people choosing this starting point is for it’s proximity to Athens international airport. It takes just under an hour by bus or taxi to reach the marina.

Starting from the island of Poros

Poros is located 30 miles south of Athens, which means that you will save one day of your sailing holiday, not having to sail out of and back in to Athens! Because most charters start from Athens, you will also be one day ahead of the crowd. It is also a very good starting point to sail to the Cyclades because of the much better wind angle on the way back! Finally, the village of Poros is a fun and charming location to start and end your sailing holiday. There are regular ferries from Athens to Poros (journey duration is approx 1.5 hour).

Greece has about six thousand islands! When sailing out of Athens or Poros island you have 2 choices: Either you decide to stay in the Saronic island's area or you choose to sail east into the Cyclades archipelago.

The map below shows the south Aegean sea and its sailing areas, which can be reached from Poros or Athens in a 1 or 2 weeks sailing period, according to our recommendations. 

Even though the area of Saronic Islands and the Cyclades Archipelago are very close to each other, the two areas feature completely diverse landscapes and radically opposite sailing conditions!

The map below shows the Aegean sea and the sailing distances we recommend according to the duration of charter. The red marks feature the location of the starting points Athens and Poros, from where you can choose to start your trip! The light blue lines are marking our recommended perimeters for 1 vs 2 weeks of charter, which is based on a traveling tempo we think is the most enjoyable for your sailing holiday.

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