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French skipper Istvan Ferrare is the owner of the sailing yacht Cinderella and also the founder of the company Windfinders MCPY.

Istvan has done 12 seasons back to back as a charter skipper in Greece. His love for the Greek islands and passion for sailing is said to be contagious to those who sail with him. You will find out that Istvan is not only an extremely skilled professional sailor but also a very entertaining host with a cracking sense of humour.


Name: Istvan

Surname: Ferrare

Age: 29

Qualifications: RYA, MCA Commercially Endorsed Yachtmaster

Years at sea: 28 (Istvan grew up and has spent all his life on a sailboat).

Professional skipper since: 2007 (12 seasons)

Favourite sailing area: Aegean sea!

Hobbies: Sailing, sailing regattas, fast sailing, windsurfing in storms, freeride snowboarding, cooking and taking photos are some of Istvan’s hobbies!

People say: Istvan’s always on the move and up to something! He spends a lot of time improving things on his boat in order to get closer to his idea of the ultimate sailing experience for his guests! When Cinderella is not on charter, he sails her out on exploration trips to discover new places he wouldn’t dare sail for the first time with charter guests…

What is your motto? A good quality of life and being surrounded by nice people! Sea in summer and mountains in winter.
What’s your style of sailing? I have tried a bit of everything and I would say that the conclusion is that I enjoy being at sea, no matter whether if i’m sailing in cruising mode or if I’m doing 20-knot speed  on one hull, helming a racing carbon catamaran. In winter, I enjoy escaping to deliver brand new boats from the factories in France and spending 18 days at sea all the same… In the end, on the water the most important to me is good company.
How did you become a skipper? I fell into it when I was very small! Indeed, I was barely a-year old when my parents decided to buy a 48ft aluminum sailing boat and to go on a sailing adventure … I grew up on this boat sailing around the Mediterranean sea, mainly between Greece and Turkey.
I was “boat-schooled” by my parents and had a correspondence course (my mum’s a teacher).
As a teenager, I started helping my father and delivered brand new sailing yachts and catamarans all over Europe. At 17, I was offered my first charter as a professional skipper in Greece. In 2009 my parents decided to go back to France after living 18 years aboard the family sailing boat.
I wanted to stay in Greece and I have kept on working as a skipper during summer charter seasons, and delivering sailing boats in winter ever since. 
For you, what is a successful sailing cruise? For a sailing cruise to
be successful, it has to remain simple. It is of course important to plan a cruise before leaving, in order to meet your crew’ s expectations and dreams but still, the route has to remain flexible. The best days at sea have always been those planned on the very morning of the cruise, while enjoying a nice breakfast. 
As I have been a sailing charter skipper in these waters for over a decade, over the seasons I have learned to decipher the desires of my crew, often beyond their expectations even, which often allowed me to surprise them pleasantly with activities adapted to the pace and
conditions of the moment.
What do people say about you?
People always say that I am calm and reassuring, that I never get into a panic. I never shout either. I have also often heard that I am very cheerful and even funny too.
I really like sharing my passion and make my crew take part in the sailing (when they are willing to). I can of course sail the boat single-handedly, but it is not really the spirit of sailing on a sailboat this size.

This is the reason why I did not go for the biggest sailing boats where crew and guests are never teamed.

Spoken languages ? I’m fluent in French, English, Turkish and I know a little Italian as well.

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