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Island hopping on a boat under sail is probably the smartest way one can choose to explore the raw beauty of the Greek islands! Each day you wake up in a different place, there is no fixed itinerary, it’s 100% your trip!

We’re here to guide you throughout your boat trip and help you choose the most suitable itinerary tailored to your style and tempo…

You're in good hands!

Over the past 12 years we’ve planned more than 200 private sailing trips of different styles in the Greek islands. Ranging from self-catered family holidays to fully crewed VIP honeymoon trips with hostess and chef on board. We’ve also organised friends trips, team building for corporate events, girls or boys only sailing and flotillas.

What to expect?

Each day you will be waking up in a new place! You will explore the wildest of anchorages in secluded coves one can only reach by sea, snorkel in crystal clear waters, spend nights under the stars, barbecue on isolated beaches, visit charming villages where you will taste the most delicious local cuisine from secret taverns away from the crowd.

For those of you who want to be involved with the sailing of the boat, we are always happy to show you the ropes and train you a little to be part of the crew!

We can also help you organise all kinds of other parallel activities you might want to get involved in during your sailing holiday such as: Scuba diving, water skiing, archeological sight seeing, hiking or even riding a donkey!

The bottom line is that we are passionate with what we do and we love seeing people being happy on board!

What is a typical day on board like?

In the morning, after breakfast, we go shopping for fresh supplies for lunch. Then we set sails for a wild anchorage where we spend the beginning of the afternoon. On the program you will have; relaxation, swimming, reading and getting lunch ready all together. Departure time is set by the rise of the afternoon breeze. We then set sail for an exciting time sailing to the next village where we stop for the night.

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