1. How do I get to the boat?

Starting from Athens: Cinderella will be based in Alimos Marina on pier number 2. From Athens airport you have 2 options:

1. By taxi: The price is approximately 40 euros and with an estimated travel time of 35 minutes. You will easily find a taxi by the airport.

2. Bus X96: The bus leaves every 40 minutes just outside of the airport’s arrival terminal and runs 24/7 every day. The estimated time of travel is 50 minutes and the price is 6 euros per person. To get off just outside the marina you will stop at the bus stop called Edem.

Starting from the Island of Paros: 

There are several options to reach Paros:

The most popular option is to fly to Athens one day earlier and then take the ferry from Piraeus (main ferry port of Athens) to Paros on Saturday morning.

Paros airport: Paros has a small domestic airport which connects Athens, it is always worth checking flights from Athens to Paros.

Another option is to fly to Mykonos or Santorini (they both have international airports) and then take a ferry to Paros.

2. Who decides on the itinerary?

We have no fixed itinerary! We will together, day by day, plan the best route tailored to your prefered tempo as well as the weather conditions. The best game plans are usually those freshly discussed around a cup of coffee in the morning!

3.Is it possible to be picked up and dropped off from different starting point than Athens or Paros?

We can organise all sorts of one-way trips, but of course it depends on the booking plan of the boat. The best is that you call or email us about it.

4. How much time will we be sailing each day?

Crossings between the islands takes between 2 and 4 hours in average. However, we will of course split those distances with swim / lunch stops in bays.

5. What are our expected departure and return times to the base?

The official boarding time is 17.00 on Saturday afternoon. In case the yacht is ready earlier you are most welcome to hop on earlier. In order to save time, we can give you the heads-up approx 2 hours before the boat is ready so that you can organise the grocery shopping in the meantime. Our time of departure will depend mainly on the speed of the port police to stamp our paperwork and authorisation to leave, which might take time on busy Saturday afternoons.

Return to the base is at 17.00 on Friday afternoon.

Check out time is 09.00 on Saturday morning.

6. Who cooks on board and who does the groceries?

In case there is no hostess or chef booked for the charter period, the guests are responsible for the grocery shopping, cooking and for washing the dishes. But of course everyone participates, including the skipper! It’s the spirit of sailing!

7. My husband gets seasick when the boat is rocking too much, which area would be the safest option for some smoother sailing conditions?

The Saronic islands is one of the smoothest sailing areas one can experience! There are almost no waves and the distances between the islands are short, which doesn’t give time for one to develop seasickness. In 12 years sailing around here I’ve almost never had people being seasick on board.

8. I have a skipper's license but I don't feel confident enough to charter a yacht on my own yet. Is it possible for me to be in charge of the sailing and to have the skipper as extra help if complications occured?

A sailing holiday and a skipper’s training are two completely different things. During a sailing holiday the guests are welcome to have a go at steering the boat in open waters, but the skipper will always take control of the helm when approaching ports, bays and during mooring manoeuvers. However, the skipper will not take part as stand-by help but will have the primary responsibility of the boat and decision making regarding the sailing.

9. How much will we be involved with the sailing of the boat?

If needed, your skipper is completely capable of sailing the boat by himself. However, a little help is never turned down and will always be most welcome. Your skipper will be excited to show you the ropes and teach you the basics so that you can participate in the sailing and docking of the boat.

10. Are pets allowed on board?

Although we love animals, pets are not allowed on board.

11. Can we smoke on board?

Smoking is prohibited inside the boat but tolerated on deck (as long as you smoke on the leeward side of the boat).

12. What is the dress code on board?

Greece is a warm country, but some evenings can get a little chilly (especially in the Cyclades or during the period of the off-season). In addition to your summer outfit we recommend you to bring some kind of fleece and a light waterproof / windbreaker jacket.

Don’t forget to bring a hat, sun glasses and sunscreen!

13. Is it easy to find ATM's or do we need to have cash on the islands?

Most islands have at least one ATM. However, many shops and restaurants will not accept payments by card. Therefore, we recommend you to always carry at least two days of cash with you.

14.How is the mobile network connection on the water?

Greece has one of the best mobile network in Europe! Apart from some rare exceptions, you will permanently have connection.

15. Is there Wi-Fi on the boat?

Since roaming is free within Europe, and most of our guests are Europeans, we do not have Wi-Fi on board. However, Wi-Fi routers can be rented separately. In case you needed one, we  recommend you to inform us a few weeks in advance as they are easily sold out.

16.How much storage space do we have for personal belongings?

In case you filled the boat to its full capacity (8 persons in 4 cabins) the remaining storage space left for luggage and personal belongings will be limited. For the sake of your own comfort, we highly recommend you to bring one soft bag per person (the size of a hand luggage) that you can bring with you on a plane.

17. How strict is greece in regards to drugs?

Greece is very serious when it comes to this matter. Carrying or consuming any kind of drug is considered a sever illegal act, which may result in heavy fines and even prison time for the persons involved. Police and coast guard are doing checks regularly.

18.What happens if I decide to cancel my trip?

– From the date of the reservation up to 30 days before the charter you will only lose your pre-payment (which amounts to 50% of the rental price of the boat).

– Within 30 days of the beginning of the charter you will lose the full amount of the rental price of the boat.

– If you were to leave the boat during the period of the charter, you would lose the full amount of the price for chartering the boat, the skipper’s fee and also the cleaning fee. You would also be expected to top up the fuel you used during your stay.

What people say...

Just had the most amazing sailing holiday with Istvan and his boat Cinderella. We felt completely safe and secure on the boat, Istvan’s knowledge and experience is incredible and he took us to fabulous beauty spots that are not on the commercial path. We would recommend Windfinders to everyone with confidence…..Istvan is not intrusive and gives you space and privacy so if you are thinking of booking a sailing holiday then book Windfinders. Thanks Istvan

Just back from a week of sailing on Cinderella with Istvan.
Cinderella is beautiful with everything you need and plenty of space.
Istvan is just perfect!
He knows the best places and is extremely competent which makes you feel totally safe. Istvan is very knowledgeable and an excellent host.
I will definitely book again and will be recommending without any hesitation whatsoever.

We went on our first sailing trip ever five years ago and decided to choose Istvan Ferrare as a skipper. It was said that he is one of the most trustful skippers in the agean sea. After one week of sailing with him we got very good friends, got the sense of sailing and we NEVER felt unsafe!! Istvan has a great sense of humour and he is really sensitiv,he is an entertainer and skipper in one person . He would never risk something without thinking or do something unsafe. Istvan is an expert in finding the best places for you in the Agean. We really enjoyed every sailing week with him.

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